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Application requirements

The Tourism Enterprises Authorisation and Licensing Committee authorises the establishment and licensing of all tourism enterprises in Zambia under the Tourism and Hospitality Act No 23 of 2007.

A Tourism enterprise includes the construction, reconstruction, renovation and rehabilitation of an hotel,  casino, a tour operating business, a travel agency, amusement and theme parks and an air charter business, water sports, a vehicle or vessel leasing business, a restaurant or café, a discotheque, a convention centre and such other enterprise catering for tourists as the Minister may, by statutory instrument, declare.

Tourism Enterprises Authorisation and Licensing

Committee for processing. These copies shall be accompanied by:


  1. Certificate of Share Capital and Certificate of Incorporation for a Limited Company;
  2. Title Deeds or Lease Agreements;
  3. In case of construction or renovations or rehabilitation, the approved building or renovation and rehabilitation plans approved by the relevant local authority;
  4. If the development is in a Game Park, the Committee shall need written consent of the Zambia Wildlife Authority and inclusion of corporate social responsibility to local communities;
  5. In case of foreign investment, the investor shall obtain an investment permit or license from the Zambia Development Agency;
  6. Where applicable, an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) in accordance with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act, Cap. 204.

If the Committee rejects the application, the applicant may appeal, in writing, to the Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Arts to review the Committee’s decision (Section 21 of the Tourism and Hospitality Act).

An authorisation to construct, reconstruct, renovate, rehabilitates or in any way effect changes to the structure of a tourism enterprise shall be valid for a period of twenty-four months from the date of issue.

A license to operate a tourism enterprise shall be valid for a period of twelve months from the date of issue.