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Art Festivals

April International Theatre Festival (Lusaka)
The April International Theatre Festival is organised and hosted by Yezi Arts Productions and Promotions. The festival, which hosts theatrical groups from around Zambia and the region, lasts for four days in the month of April at the Lusaka Play House and has been taking place since 2002. The aim of the festival is to promote performing arts especially among children. The event provides a venue for theatrical groups to showcase their talent in addition to promoting the cultural heritage of the region.

Shungunamutitima International Film Festival of Zambia (Livingstone)
A project of Vilole Images Productions (VIP), SHUNAFFoZ was founded to pursue a focused vision of promoting the use of film as a tool to highlight issues on women, girls and women with disabilities, capacity building, promote Livingstone Zambia as a location for filming, development, and trade in film and television products in Africa. SHUNAFFoZ believes in mainstreaming Disability and women in film-making, hence promoting inclusion.

The main aim of the programme is to ensure inclusion of men and women with disabilities, young and aspirant filmmakers and showcase products with themes that educate, inspire, sensitize, advocate, entertain and hopefully bring hope to the helpless. Through this platform, it is SHUNAFFoZ’s hope that all persons in the industry from different parts of the country and the world would come together to screen movies, networking, sharing and exchanging information, sell and buy products that celebrate the theme of each year as well as enjoy the beautiful tourist sites that include the Victoria Falls, wild animals in the game parks and many more.

Barefeet Youth Arts Festival (Lusaka)
Barefeet is a creative art and performance project staged, rehearsed and presented mainly, though not exclusively, by children on, or formerly on, the streets of Zambia. The project uses theatre, art, dance, music and creative writing as a tool to engage with and support the development of children most at risk of disengaging from their communities.

Chikuni All Tonga Music Festival (Monze)
This two day annual ` All Tonga Music Festival` which is the only one of its kind in Zambia takes place in Chikuni in Southern Province of Zambia in September and is hosted by Radio Chikuni. Over the past years, the concert has grown bigger and better; from 20 to more than 100 artists and from a couple of a hundred to more than 12,000 spectators who come to watch the festival which has more than thirty genres.

Mwela Arts Festival (Northern Province)
The name of the festival `Mwela`, means wind in the local language and it is an annual
event that has been taking place since 2007 in Kasama in the Northern Province of Zambia amongst the Bemba and Mambwe speaking people. It comprises art disciplines such as theatre, traditional dance and poetry and visual arts and it is held over a period of three days in August. The festival participants and audience are drawn from the twelve districts in the Province.

Siavonga Music Festival
The Siavonga Music Festival is Zambia’s only international music event. It showcases some of Zambia’s top artists performing live to an audience of over 3000 people. It falls on the Easter weekend, and we could not think of a better environment to host this amazing event than the sandy shores of the mighty Lake Kariba in Siavonga.

Read a review of the 2013 event or an article about this year’s event for a taste of what you’re in for. The ethos of this festival is to join together and celebrate the talents within our great country. 2014 also sees us joining hands with a number of artists from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and all the way from Norway. We now invite you to join us as we stand side by side, brother, sister, friend, and family. One Zambia, One Nation, One Love… One Festival!