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Liuwa Plains National Park

This remote park in the far west of Zambia is pristine wilderness, which to the ardent bush lover, makes it a huge attraction and the rewards are great. Liuwa Plain is best accessed via one of three tour operators offering mobile safaris.

This is not a park one should tackle without a guide as there are no visitor facilities or roads and it is very easy to get lost. Going with a licensed tour operator to see the best this Park has to offer is highly recommended.

If you do tackle it alone, make sure you take an armed scout/guide from the Parks office in Kalabo. One can camp anywhere in the park but don’t attempt it unless there are at least two vehicles and you are fully self-sufficient and prepared for all eventualities. This is the ‘real’ Africa, and help is a long way away.

In November, with the onset of the rains, the massive herds of blue wildebeest arrive from Angola, traversing the plains in their thousands, very often mingling with zebra along the way or gathering around water holes and pans.

Other unusual antelope found in Liuwa Plains include oribi, red lechwe, steenbuck, duiker, tsessebe and roan. The Jackal, serval, wildcat, wild dog, as well as lion and hyena, are the predators of the area. Many birds migrate here during the rains and massive flocks of birds can be seen as they migrate south. Some of the more notables are the white-bellied bustards, secretary bird, Red-billed and Hottentot teals, crowned and wattled cranes, long-tailed whydah, sooty chat, yellow-throated longclaw, large flocks of black winged pratincoles around the pans, fish eagle, tawny eagle, marshall eagle, woodland kingfisher, pink-throated longclaw. The plains are dotted with woodlands which also make for excellent birding.