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National Arts Council

The National Arts Council of Zambia is a statutory body established under Act No. 31 of 1994 of the Laws of Zambia. It is the coordinating body of all artistic activities in the country


To facilitate the development, promotion and nurturing of all art forms country wide


 To be a strong, effective, transparent and dynamic institution for the development and promotion of all art forms countrywide.


To regulate, co-ordinate, supervise and monitor all arts activities Countrywide.

The National Arts Council operates under Chapter 170,Act No. 31 of 1994 of the Laws of Zambia and statutory instruments 128 & 129 of 1995.The Council mandate in terms of Part II, section Five of Chapter 170, Act No. 31 of 1994 is as follows:

  • Keeps itself fully appraised of the policy of the Government in matters concerning arts.
  • Disseminates Government policies concerning the arts.
  • Serves as the supreme advisory body at national level on policy and decisions on all forms of the arts in the country.
  • Provides quality artistic leadership in performing, visual, media and literary arts.
  • Develops, promotes, regulates and encourages all forms of amateur and professional arts on a national level, in conjunction with the associations and the Government.
  • Assists in the formation of associations or organizations and to encourage them to register as national arts associations, to provide representation to different groups within the associations.
  • Encourages the associations to be affiliated to appropriate international organizations.
  • Assists financially or otherwise, any group or individual in representing Zambia in any artistic activity within or outside Zambia.
  • Assists, financially or otherwise, together with the Government, any citizen of Zambia in obtaining relevant training within or outside Zambia.
  • Ensures that art groups at all levels maintain proper accounts and, where considered necessary, supervise and direct the maintenance of these accounts.
  • Regulates and provides modalities for the awarding of national honours for artistic merit.
  • Regulates and monitors all National arts programmes presented in Zambia.
  • Promotes the development and organization of the arts.

The National Arts Council is governed by a board that is constituted by heads of arts association and a Chair-man. The operations of the Council are managed by a Secretariat