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Department of Arts and Culture

The Department of Arts and Culture was established by Zambia’s first president and was given a mandate of managing and coordinating official Cultural activities.

The Department is organized at three (3) levels, Headquarters, Provincial and District. The Department has two sections:

Folklore Section
This section is responsible for the preservation, protection and promotion of folk culture, tangible and intangible heritage for cultural enrichment, development and national identity. The programme is aimed at fostering the safeguarding of the country’s folklore and intangible cultural heritage, by promoting its inclusion into the mainstream of personal, community and national development. Some of the activities that are carried out under this programme are promotion of cultural dances, traditional ceremonies, oral tradition in form of oral information, art and cultural exhibitions.

Creative Industries Section
This section is responsible for harnessing the investment potential in arts and creative industries, ensuring the production and marketing of arts and cultural products such as crafts, visual art, and folklore products through exhibitions, festivals, theatre houses, trusts cooperatives and companies. The creative industry has the potential to create employment, wealth and returns on investment.

It equally has the ability to drive an economy by generating innovative and creative human capital through for example, the craft industry in form of establishment of curio shops, artists selling their products at open craft markets like pakati market held every Sunday at arcades shopping complex, in the long run improve the country’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP).