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Planning and Information

The Planning and Information Department (PID) is charged with the responsibility of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the development and implementation of ministerial policies, plans and programmes and ensuring information management in order to facilitate resource mobilization and effective implementation of the Ministry’s objectives.

The Planning and Information Department, therefore, has the following core functions:

  1. Monitoring and evaluation,
  2. Data management,
  3. Information dissemination,

Parliamentary and cabinet affairs and coordination of the preparation of the Ministerial budget and work plans.

The Department has two distinct sections namely, the Policy and Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation Section (PPME) and the Data Management and Information Section (DMIS) and is headed by a Director.

Policy and Programmes Monitoring and Evaluation Section (PPME)
The Policy, Programme Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit is responsible for all issues relating to monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Ministries programmes and policies on tourism, environment and natural resources at a macro level within the framework of the Strategic Plan and budget and the national direction or vision as well as performing policy analysis and coordination and research which support policy formulation.

The sections collaborates with technical departments in the Ministry for purposes of report preparation, Cabinet matters and implementation of the Strategic Plan, investment proposals and plans as well as research activities.

Data Management and Information Section (DMIS)
The Data Management and Information Section (DMIS) under the planning and information Department is charged responsibility of developing and maintaining a comprehensive data bank and disseminating timely and accurate information in the form of reports, newsletters briefings. The Section is also responsible for all Information and Communication Technology functionalities in the Ministry.

The focus of the Planning and Information is on devising sectoral plans based on the national plans and governments long-term vision on the sector and monitoring and evaluating at a macro level their impact and implementation as well as developing and maintaining an appropriate information management system for provision of information to end users.