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The Department of Tourism (DoT) is responsible for developing, managing and coordinating the implementation of compatible tourism policies and strategies that facilitate the activities of the various players in the tourism sector and enable the industry gain foreign exchange and generate employment opportunities.

The Department performs the following functions:

Formulation and analysis of policy framework in the development, product quality, promotion, diversification and marketing of tourism industry;

Reviewing existing and developing new legislation on tourism in collaboration with the Planning and Information Department;

  • Facilitating, promoting and coordinating research on the utilisation of wildlife, natural and cultural heritage for tourism purposes;
  • Promoting and coordinating bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation, projects and treaties in tourism in order to promote Zambia’s interests and meet international obligations;
  • Planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating tourism sector programmes and projects that are in line with the national direction and vision in tourism in order to ensure the development of the tourism sector;
  • Promoting investment in tourism in order to contribute to employment creation, poverty alleviation, rural development and micro, small and medium scale tourism enterprise promotion;
  • Facilitating the rehabilitation of existing and construction of new tourism infrastructure in order to promote tourism development;
  • Preparing tourism sector planning and budgeting for submission to the Planning and Information Department; and
  • Regulating the development, conduct and management of the tourism sector so that all activities performed and implemented by different players are in compliance with legislation.

The Department is headed by the Director and has two (2) distinct specialised sections;

  • The Tourism Development Section responsible for coordinating and managing the design, development and implementation of tourism programmes, plans, projects and research activities; and
  • the Standards, Inspection and Licensing Section coordinates the formulation and setting of minimum standard requirements of the tourism industry and monitor adherence thereto in order to facilitate provision of quality tourism service. The section inspects hospitality facilities and issue licenses for projects/ initiatives that have been appraised and approved.