Game Management Areas

Zambia has zoned land areas around most of its National Parks which are known as Game Management Areas.  There are 36  GMAs, together with the 20 National Parks represent about 33 percent of Zambia’s total land area. Nearly two-thirds of this wildlife estate is GMA land area totaling over 152,000 square kilometers.

These GMAs have a variety of terrain and habitats, which have been carved and sustained by numerous rivers and streams year round. Among the various terrains are river valleys, scenic plateau and rugged hilly terrain. There are various woodland - such as kalahari, miombo, munga, mopane and termitaria woodland. There are vast swamps and floodplains, open savannah woodlands and grasslands.

GMAs act as buffer zones to the National Parks, allowing for free movement of animals between the Parks and GMAs. This ensures that the wildlife in the GMAs is constantly replenished from the populations in the  National Parks and in some cases vice-versa.