Data and Statistics

In this section the Ministry produces a range of data and statistics, covering many of the surveys it undertakes in the Tourism and Arts sectors. The Ministry also provides budgetary information.

Development Plans

The National Long Term Vision 2030 is Zambia's first ever written long-term plan, expressing Zambians' aspirations by the year 2030. It articulates possible long-term alternative development policy scenarios at different points which would contribute to the attainment of the desirable social economic indicators by the year 2030. The Vision will be operationalised through the five year development plans starting with the sixth National Development Plan and annual budgets. This marks a departure from past practice of preparing and implementing medium-term plans that were not anchored on a national vision.

Investment Opportunities

The Sixth National Development plan (SNDP) is a medium term planning instrument intended to focus government's policy and programming towards a desired objective or objectives set in a specified time frame In the current situation, the time frame has been set for six years, commencing in 2012 and concluding in 2018.

Laws and Regulations

This sectors provides the legal framework that governs the operations of various institutions under the Ministry

Ministerial Speeches

This section provides downloadable speeches delivered by the Minister, Deputy Minister and Permanent Secretary at various foras

National Budget Speeches

This Section will provide you with downloadable Budget Speeches delivered to the National Assembly by the Minister of Finance and National Planning

Permit and VISA Forms

Immigration Permits, Fees And Application Procedures
For Clients applying for Residence, Diplomatic, Spouse, Business, Visiting, Study, Temporary, Employment, Temporary Employment, Investor's, Cross Border, Asylum Seeker's, and Transit Permits as well as Border passes and Visas

Note: You are going to be redirected to the Immigrations Department for you to download these forms and The immigration Web site contains PDF documents that require Adobe Acrobat for viewing.

Visa Applications
Once one has determined that they need a visa, the purpose of their visit and the appropriate visa fee to pay, the following steps can be followed to apply for a visa. These steps can either be performed in advance of arrival by mailing the forms to the appropriate Zambian Mission or have their information and fee ready when arriving at the port of entry.

Policies and Guidelines

This sector provides downloadable policy documents for the Ministry and strategic plans


This section provides reports on various issues regarding what the ministry is engaged in that may be of public interest in areas of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Tender Documents

All tenders advertised by the Ministry are also publicized in this section to allow would be contractors or consultants participate in tendering.