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Sioma Ngwezi National Park

This 5,000 square kilometer park in the southwestern corner of the country has been completely undeveloped and rarely visited until recently. It is surrounded by a 35,000 square kilometer Game Management Area (GMA). The Park is unfenced allowing free movement of the animals between the park and the GMA and allowing access to the Zambezi River. The Park and surrounding GMA form an important link in the migratory route of elephants from the bordering national parks of Botswana and Namibia. Although heavily poached, the park does offer a better refuge for elephants migrating from Angola where poaching and illegal hunting is rampant.

There are no permanent facilities and very few roads in the park. A few operators take guided safaris into the park at the moment. There is only one tented camp in Sioma Ngwezi. Alternatively one can take one’s own vehicle in but the lack of roads makes this a very difficult undertaking and a guide from the National Parks office in Sioma is highly recommended.

The park is home to over 3,000 elephants and several endangered species including roan, sable, wild dog, and cheetah. Several antelope species are present, but quite shy – mostly puku, impala, roan, sable, zebra, and kudu. Due to the park’s proximity to Angola, it has suffered substantially from poaching during the civil war. However, plans are afoot to open the park to private management and hopefully the park’s wildlife will recover.